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Year 2008

Max. Sheet size: 1050 x 750 mm
Min. sheet size: 450 x 370mm
Max. Punching area: 1040 x 730 mm
Max. Frame size: 1120 x 760mm
Min. gripper edge: 8mm
Height of punching lines: 23.8 mm
Material thickness: Karton 0.2 - 1.5 mm

Max. Punching speed: 7.500 sheets / hour
Max. Stripping speed: 5500 sheets / hour
Max. Pressure: 300 tons
Feeder height: 1400 mm
Feeder height: 1150 mm
Motor power: 11 kw
Power consumption: 22 kw
Weight: 18.000 kg
Connected load: 380 v, 3 phases, 50hz
The machine is CE certified and equipped with all the necessary safety


YOCO-MABEG shingle feeder
Four lifting and five transport suckers, all angles adjustable for proper
processing of different materials
Non stop prestacking device
Automatic raising and lowering of the feed table
Side blowing nozzles (optional)
Double sheet controll
Fine adjustable air setting for thin papers
Adjustable sheet deceleration for safe infeed into the
Torque clutch to prevent vibration of the gripper carriages
3-frame stripping station for high accuracy
Positioning system of the stripping frames facilitate and shorten the
set-up times

Stripping station:

3-frame stripping station for high accuracy
Positioning system of the stripping frames facilitate and shorten the
set-up times


Nonstop delivery with rake
5 adjustable delivery brushes
Photoelectronic missing sheet control


Automatic lubrication program for conveyor chains
All safety devices for operators and machineel
Touch-screen display for machine functions and fault diagnostics
Machine completely compliant with CE-Norm
Platform and guardrails compliant with CE-Norm
Safety devices compliant with CE-Normal


Fine-adjustable side pull marks
Electronic side mark control
Two independent front marks with photoelectronic scanning and
digital display on the control panel
Safety scanning of the up-down movement of the feeder pile
Non-stop setup
Front marks with OMRON detectors

Punching station:

Knee lever mechanism for powerful and stable table movement
Easy table fixing
4 +1 mm punching plate (Other plates optional available)
Pneumatic frame fixing for easy operation
Pneumatic brake and clutch
Stable and quiet material running through the machine
Short punching pressure setting time by servo motor
Repeat accuracy of plate distance less than 0, 01 mm
Display of the punching pressure on touch screen display
7 specially hardened alloyed gripper carriages, adjustable
Transport chain made of special material with low weight and reduced
ductility (UK Renold Chains)
Cam mechanism of the gripper carriages for smooth and accurate
and accurate running




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