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Heidelberg Speedmaster SX 52-5-H + LX (LE UV)

size 37 x 52 cm, model 2013, only 39 mio. impressions


coater tower (chambered doctor blade system)
Prinect Easy Control
Prinect Press Center with Remote Control of Ink Zones, Ink Fountain Roller as well lateral, circumferential and diagonal Register, with Job Memory Card and Touch Screen
ALCOLOR Vario damping with circulation and refrigeration
CombiStar ink temperature control
AUTOPLATE semi-automatic plate change
automatic ink roller wash-up device
automatic blanket and impression cylinder wash-up device
up to 0,6 mm
ink agitators
powder sprayer
LE UV dryer in delivery with 1 lamp
extended high pile delivery
serial equipment
(machine is water cooled, without outdoor cooler)
(machine is connected to central air supply)



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