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Year: 2003

Approx. 50 mio

Sheet-fed offset press - Printing units: 5

Largest sheet format: 375x520mm

Smallest sheet format: 100x148mm

Largest print format: 360x510mm

Material thickness: 0.04 - 0.4 mm

Panel format: 459x530mm

KOMORI tapes feeder

Electronic, self-adjusting system for detecting double and missing sheets as well as skewed sheets

Electromechanical double sheet sensing

Fine adjustment of the side markers during the run

Central adjustment of the brushes on the feed table

Cylinder Preset

two mooring speeds

Ionized air blast

Fine adjustment of the side marks during the run from the control station (+/- 3mm)

KomoriMatic alcohol dampening units with cooling and alcohol dosing system

New KPC-Komori plate changing system, tool-free and automatic, no bending device required

Circumferential and lateral plate cylinder adjustment.

Roller washing device, automated.

automatic blanket washing device

Possibility of using materials on the transfer cylinders that counteract smearing, e.g. B. TY paper or Superblue-net

Applicator roller can be switched on/off pneumatically

Cleaning scavenger

KPD- Komori Pre and De-inking System

Cylinder cocking skew correction from control panel

Cylinder-oriented register system 425mm

Chrome plate/impression cylinder

Continuous delivery mechanism with stretching system

Speed adjustment for the sheet brakes with suction air

Pre-adjustment of the fans in the delivery for precise depositing of the sheets

Toyo pressure sprayer integrated

Antistatic device

Automatic central lubrication

PQC- Print Quality Control - control center via


Floppy disk drive for loading and saving Ma

Data transfer from the preliminary stage.

Ink ductor cycle and time from the control desk

Cardboard device up to 0.60 mm substrate

Chrome rubber cylinder

Changing stand for cleaning dungeon

IVT Combi C 191 LC for Komori Lithrone 20

Combi C IR dryer for drying paint and protective coatings :

System works with short-wave IR rays and has an integrated water cooler

Print speed preset




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