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Heidelberg SM 52- 5+L

Year: 2011

Impress. cca. 35 mio

max. paper size 37 x 52 cm, 15,000 dr./hr, with a.o. :

Autoplate plate changing system

Alcolor moisture works with Baldwin alcohol system with Doser

Mediprint powder device, type GS-30T

automatic rubber cloth, backpressure and ink roller washers

Flexibility package

Anicolor package, water-cooled with CombiStar temperature control and Handyfill ink dosing system

Optimal sheet guiding package (o. a.o. side blower, Superblue explanation)

Performance package

chamber squeegee system

5 additional squeegee chambers

Technotrans moisture water filtration, type Alpha F

additional rubber cloth/backpressure washing system

14 in/out carts

1 Press Center drawer console

Instant Gate Press Center

PPC control cabinet

switch boxes, air pumps, local piping etc.

Machine in excellent conditions



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