Листовая печать полиграфической продукции: листовки, визитки, буклеты и т.д.
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* Heidelberg CD 102-4+L (PPF/PPD), Year 2006
72x102, 4 Colors + Coating Tower Tresu + Delivery X0
Counter: Only ca. 73 mio impressions
Equipped with:
. Console CP 2000 with MasterLevel
. Connected to CIP4 with InkZone Solution and Techkon device for presetting and auto-adjustment the ink keys, including:
DI-Plot, Loop, Perfect, TVI and Move Press software
. Autoplate (Semi-Automatic Plate Change)
. PPF - Preset Plus Feeder (Automatic Paper Size and Thickness Setting)
. Suction Tape Feeder
. Multiple-sheet detector and Ultrasonic Double-sheet detector
. Cocking Register
. All Automatic Washers Devices: Blanket / Impressions Cylinders & Inking Rollers
. Alcolor Dampening
. Technotrans CombiStar Beta.c 160 L Central Refrigeration
. Technotrans Alcocontrol
. Ink Temperature Control
. Venturi (Air Transfer System)
. All Chromed Cylinders (Impression, Blanket and Plate)
. PPD - Preset Plus Delivery with short Delivery
. Eltex Static Eliminator
. IR Dryer Heidelberg DryStar 3000
. Powder Sprays PowderStar Weko AP-232
. Coating Tower Tresu with "Chambered Doctor Blade" and Anilox Cylinder
. Varnish Supply Unit
. AirStar (Central Air Supply Cabinet)
. ScrollStar (Compressor with High Performance Reserve)
. Air-Cooled Cabinets

=> Machine is Complete and in Excellent Condition
=> Price on request.

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