Листовая печать полиграфической продукции: листовки, визитки, буклеты и т.д.
Komori Lithrone LS 640 + LX
size 72 x 103 cm,
model 2005,
only 106 mio. impressions

-          coater tower (Tresu chambered doctor blade system)
-          PDC-SII
-          PQC Remote Control of Ink Zones, as well lateral, circumferential and diagonal Register
-          Komorimatic damping with circulation and refrigeration
-          Ink Temperature Control
-          APC automatic plate change
-          AMR automatic size adjustment
-          KMS IV Komori Management System
-          automatic ink roller wash-up device
-          automatic blanket and impression cylinder wash-up device
-          Skeleton Transfer Cylinder
-          IR-dryer
-          extended high pile delivery
-          serial equipment



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